About Hessel School House

Former Hessel School House students, Ray Hansen and Joan (Poglese) Hansen recently visited the historic building and shared a number of memories with us. Ray was the inspiration for the young boy bronze statue that resides on the grounds.

Our Mission

The Hessel School House Corporation supports the Avery Arts and Nature Learning Center as the centerpiece of the Les Cheneaux Islands community for the purpose of ensuring the continued vitality and prosperity of the area and its residents.

Our Vision

The Hessel School House and the Avery Arts & Nature Learning Center will nurture the intrinsic values of the unique natural environment of the Les Cheneaux Islands area and preserve the legacy of its unique history and multi-cultural heritage to survive the challenges of an everchanging society.


A beautiful facility on the national historic register. Cohesive and caring board. Strong full-time staff. Focused meetings. Community involvement. Community enthusiasm. We are located in an extraordinary natural environment with a deep heritage and historical importance.


Not-for-Profit organizations do a great deal to promote the arts, nature, history, and a wide variety of nourishing cultural functions. To get a look at how nonprofits work. The Guidestar service provides information about specific organizations.

To see ours, visit Guidestar and search Hessel School House Corporation.


Hessel School House provides easy public access with all the rooms on one floor. Our northern entryway serves as the primary entrance for events. It is directly connected to a spacious parking lot and has no stairs or barriers. Our attractive southern entry is located beyond a wide walkway, a short flight of stairs, and has two doors. The interior rooms, including an office, auditorium, classroom, kitchen, foyer, and restrooms, are easily navigated by foot or wheelchair.

Width of doorways:

  • Northern entry — 35”
  • Southern Entry — 34.5” per door
  • Main auditorium entry — 71”
  • Secondary Classroom Door— 41”
  • Entry to East Classroom — 42”
  • Secondary East Classroom Entry — 35”
  • Men’s Restroom Door — 34.5”
  • Women’s Restroom Door — 30”


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